Tropical Storm

The Coachella Valley is under a high alert weather advisory because of an approaching tropical storm/hurricane. Significant rain is forecasted to begin mid-day Saturday and expected to last until Tuesday, with an estimated rainfall total of 5-10 inches. Winds may exceed 80 MPH.

For additional updates, please click on the KESQ link below.

A few items to note from your team regarding common area. This list may be helpful for your own personal use.

  • The Maintenance team has inspected the roof drains system for all common area buildings to ensure that the drains are free from any debris.
  • The Custodial team will relocate the outdoor patio furniture, such as cushions, and any items that may be damaged, this afternoon (Friday, August 18) at 6:00pm. All common area umbrellas will be unavailable for use, beginning (Saturday, August 19) at 9:00am.
  • Vintage Landscape is currently inspecting and cleaning all landscape drains near the buildings and on common area. A stand-by team will be available over the weekend for any common area trees or landscape issues that may arise.
  • Troon Golf has decreased the lake levels on the golf course and have shut-off the water on the fairways, tees, and roughs.

We encourage you to store outdoor patio furniture and any other items that could be damaged.

To reach SCSH patrol, please call the SCSH Dispatch Center at 760-345-4349 ext. 2050 or you may call either gate.

SCSH Jefferson Gate House Security Direct Number: 760-345-4458
SCSH North (Phase III) Gate House Security Direct Number: 760-342-4725