Turf Removal Project is Completed in SCSH

Below are before and after pictures of the turf removal project in the catch basin off of Los Padres in the southwest corner of our property.

Whether you call it a catchment pond, basin or a depression in the ground...SCSH has a few.

Obviously, they're for rain water runoff. Yes, rain: the wet stuff that drops gently or forcefully from above. Remember? The streets are aligned so that most of the rain (and waste from sprinkler systems) runs into these ponds.

The pond that runs parallel to Avenida Los Padres in Phase I has had a drought-compliant makeover recently; grass remains in one-third to one-half of the area, but the rest has been re-done with attractive desert landscaping. Rebates dollars from the Coachella Valley Water District will offset the cost of the project which will save precious water resources over time. Since this has been successful, we may look forward to more such re-dos in the future.

Dick Freiman, chair of the Landscape Advisory Committee and committee member Chris Stevens spearheaded the project. Project work was completed by our landscape maintenance company, Hort Tech, supervised by Fernando Martin.

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