Update from the SCSH Board

The Board has retained Legal Counsel specializing in ABC Law to help sort out various questions and concerns related to the ABC Licenses that Sun City Shadow Hills holds and to make sure the Association and members can take full advantage of their licenses by understanding the various privileges and requirements associated with these licenses.

Legal Counsel will be working with the local ABC Department and officials in Sacramento to make sure we get a clear understanding of what is allowed and what may need some adjustments. We hope to receive a written response by November 10, 2022.

We understand that some of you are doing your own research and that is great. The Board is also doing their due diligence and are awaiting the legal opinion which will be shared with the community. If you have additional questions or concerns you may send those to Vanessa Ayon, Assistant General Manager at vanessa.ayon@associa.us.

We all look forward to getting these concerns addressed as soon as possible, especially with the holiday season fast approaching. The Board and Management cannot thank you enough for your patience during this time.