UPDATE: New Date and Time for SHGC Golf Master Plan Presentation

UPDATE:New Date and Time for Golf Master Plan Presentation

The Golf Advisory Committee’s (GAC) recommendations for the South Course is RESCHEDULED for Monday, September 19 at 3:00 PM in the Montecito Ballroom. (The former date was Friday, September 23, 2016 at 10:00 AM)


Three presenters will discuss the details of the plan as follows:

Dave Bakshy, GAC Chair will address the goals andobjectives of the recommendations

Rolland Vaughn, our Troon GM for Golf will address the implementation of the plan

Carey Thompson, HOA Board Liason to GAC/HOA Treasurer will discuss the financial impact.

The recommendations are nearly all paid for through dedicated reserve funds. Further, one of the key elements of the plan is likely to be a hit to families with grandchildren.

Please attend this important presentation on the 19th. If you have questions, use the link at the end of this notice to share your concerns with GAC. For those unable to attend, the presentation will be videotaped and available on our website on Tuesday, September 20.

Note: the presentation on the 19th is a recommendation to the board following several months of study and analysis by GAC. The board will consider this recommendation at their final budget meeting open to the public on October 7 at 9 am in the Montecito Ballroom.

Submit your questions for the Golf Presentation regarding the proposed renovations to the south course at the following email: