Update on TVs for Exercise Equipment

Update on TVs for Exercise Equipment:

Yes it has been a long time.

We found a solution, but let me explain first the problem we had to go though. Our TVs (as you know) on our exercise machines are not compatible with digital. Time Warner takes no responsibility in converting the signal to our machines. The digital signal is available from TWC, if we find a way to convert the signal on the individual machines. We have a service company that has been working on this problem ever since TWC switched. A couple solutions did not work. Adding to the problem is we have three different machine manufactures that needed different solutions. But last week the service company tested a solution on a machine at the Santa Rosa Clubhouse and it worked. So they continued to convert the 13 machines over at the Santa Rosa and when finished they will start on the 23 machines at the Montecito CH. Each machine has to be separately wired and each will have a different remote control on the machine. Time Warner charges $14 per month for each machine for the connection. When we replace the machines, currently costing approx. $10,000 each, we will not have this problem or cost, because the new machines will be compatible with digital.

So sorry for the delay. Hopefully the Montecito machines or most of them will all be working this week.

Spread the word. And check out the machines at the Santa Rosa CH.