Vice President’s Report – July 2017

On Tuesday, May 23, 2017, the SCSH HOA Board members met to review the Strategic Plan for 2018 through 2022.

If you go to our website at and click on the residents only section, you can then enter “Strategic Plan” in the search box and the current plan will pop up. This document was first created by the 2015 Board of Directors. Because we have Board elections each year, we usually have new members on the Board, sometimes as many as three at one time. We created this strategic plan to help the community develop a long-term strategy.

Each year the current board reviews the plan, and all comments from residents to see what might be included in the three- to five-year plan. This plan is the current one that the Board just approved.

Our meeting on the 23rd looked at a variety of items that residents sent in. First, let me thank each of you for taking the time to send the board your ideas. This is your home, and all of us on the Board want to continue to keep it the great community that it is today. We reviewed and discussed all your ideas and the videotape of the meeting is on our website.

After careful discussion, the board decided that we wanted to look at the following items:

  • Keep covered parking with solar panels in the plan but look at this again in 2020.
  • Look at costs for an intra-community shuttle with profit/loss evaluation for 2018.
  • Look at a temporary, followed by a permanent, monument sign advertising Shadows on Jefferson and 40th Avenue – 2018 for the temporary one, and a permanent one in 2021 when CVWD has finished the flood run-off plan.
  • Expand Shadows restaurant – we will consider this along with feedback from residents starting in 2019.
  • Look at conducting an electrical audit and possibly adding a generator to create a cooling center should power go out in the summer – 2018 for the audit, and 2019 for the generator.

The board was very cognizant that $3.3 million in assets have been added to the community last year (some built by Pulte and some by the Association). We decided we need to slow down and let the reserve/replacement funds replenish, plus allow residents enjoy what they have for a little while, before undertaking more additions or major remodeling.

We are so fortunate to have a good management firm that handles the infinite number of details that need to be addressed in our community each day; for the hundreds of residents who give up their free time to serve on the advisory committees that are so invaluable to our Board; and residents who care about their community and let the Board (through our GM) know when they see something that needs to be repaired, an issue addressed, etc.

I hope that you have a fabulous rest of your summer. If you are travelling, may all your travels be fun and safe.

Joan Dzuro
Vice President