Vice President’s Report – May 2017

Your Board of Directors has several items that they are focusing on in 2017 for the benefit of the entire community. These items are:

  1. Governing Documents Update: With Pulte gone, we can update our governing documents. An Ad Hoc Committee has been reviewing these documents for almost two years. Based on resident concerns and their legal backgrounds (all are retired attorneys), they created revised documents. The Board has had our legal department review for language and updated laws that need to be added, and the Board has done a review. A redlined and a clean copy of the proposed changes have been posted on the website, and Town Hall meetings were held on April 18 to highlight the proposed changes. From April through September, residents will have an opportunity to review these documents and provide feedback on what they like and have concerns to the Board (email The Board will meet and discuss this feedback and, if needed, make any final modifications to the documents. The documents will then be sent out for resident approval on a thumbdrive that is mailed to each home. A hardcopy will be available in the HOA office for a $10 fee. By law, a majority of our homes have to vote YES for the changes, or we remain with our current CC&Rs and Bylaws. Please inform your friends and neighbors and encourage them to review the proposed documents, comment, and vote on them.
  2. Dog Walking Area – Ad-Hoc Committee: Throughout 2017 we started having an issue with dog owners allowing their dogs to use part of the golf course to do their business, allegedly causing noise and some pet owners not picking up the mess. To help determine how to address this issue, the Board created an Ad-Hoc Committee to be made up of two golfers, two homeowners on the golf course, and two pet owners. They will make recommendations to the Board about how best to address everyone’s concerns. If interested in helping with this committee, please contact the HOA office.
  3. Golf Master Plan: The Board unanimously approved a plan in 2016 to upgrade our South Course (now that it is over 10 years old) to make it more appealing to people to golf here (thus reducing our subsidy) and make it look better for those who live on the course. The Board will be reviewing bids on contractors doing the work, and Troon will oversee the contractors to make sure they do the work correctly, on time, and within budget. The goal is to complete the work by Fall 2017 with minimal impact on the play of the course.
  4. 2016 Audit: Our Finance Advisory Committee, Treasurer, and other Board members are working with our outside CPA on our 2016 audit. This will ensure all records are reviewed and a report on their status is prepared and filed correctly.
  5. Strategic Plan: Every year the Board reviews our three- to five-year strategic plan to discuss items residents would like implemented in the community. Items voted to enhance the community, will be included in the next year’s budget. You may email your suggestions to
  6. Slurry Seal: We have a huge slurry seal project that will be undertaken in 2017 in Phase 3 now that Pulte is done building in that phase. The schedule will be mailed to our homeowners and placed on the website so everyone can plan on when their street is on the list.
  7. Santa Rosa Pool Deck: We are also going to remove the top layer of the Santa Rosa pool deck, put down a stronger barrier (to keep the salt, calcium, and lime from seeping through), and then recover the pool deck. This will be about a two- to three-week project; and notices will be sent by email blast, posted on the website, and displayed at the pool.

It is a busy year, but the Board hopes that — by the end of the year — the community will look even better. We appreciate your patience while these projects are undertaken and completed.

Joan Dzuro
Vice P