Vice President’s Report – November 2017

Wow! Where did this past year go? Once again it is time for our community to elect people to our Board of Directors. This election, there will be three vacancies to fill.

A Nominating Committee made up of residents in our community was chosen during the October Board meeting. The Association will send out nomination forms to all homes in our community. This packet will include the dates for Board and covenant meetings in 2018 and the duties of a Board member. You can self-nominate for a position, or you can nominate a friend (but please have their permission).

The Nominating Committee will ensure that everyone who wants to run is a “member in good standing” per our governing documents and, in December, the Committee will report to the Board the slate of candidates for the open positions. The Board then accepts this list and the election officially begins.

The election will be held in March and, from December to March, you will find candidates going door-to-door to introduce themselves; flyers will be distributed within the community; and the Nominating Committee will host a series of Candidate Forums. The Nominating Committee will ask the residents for questions to pose to the candidates, and the Committee is responsible for hosting the forums and asking the questions. Only the Committee members will see the questions before they are posed to the candidates at the forum. The Association films these forums so, if you cannot attend the forums, they are available on our website.

Reading the information on each candidate, attending the forums, and being informed and voting is very important. The Board of Directors is elected to make day-to-day Community decisions, which can affect you. There is not time or money available to send every decision out for a vote, so you are telling the people you elect that you trust them to make the best, most informed decisions they can to keep our community fiscally sound, looking good, and up-to-date on maintenance, etc.

Serving on the Board of Directors does require some time each month, but it is always rewarding to know that you are working for the betterment of your home as well as your friend’s home. The terms are for two years. It is time well spent to give up some “retirement” time to work on behalf of your community.

Whether you live here year-round or just six months of each year, if you own a home here, you have a say in who governs our community. The only way for us to hear your voice is to get a ballot and vote each year. If you don’t receive a ballot, lose a ballot, or get a damaged ballot, contact the HOA and they will give you the contact information for the third-party contractor the HOA has hired to objectively handle all aspects of this process. NO ONE in the Association does anything with the ballots.

You can mail in your ballot or drop it off in the lobby of either clubhouse, whichever method is most convenient for you.

Joan Dzuro
Vice President