Vicki Berg to Replace Greg Middlebrook; Stu Stryker to Remain

At the Board meeting on Monday, October 19, 2015, Board Treasurer, Stu Stryker, rescinded his resignation from the Board and the Board members gladly accepted this action. This means that Director Stryker will remain as the Treasurer of our Board.

Sadly for us, Director Middlebrook is still moving to Oregon so his position needed to be filled for the balance of his term, which is from November 17 through March 2, 2016. After discussion the board voted to appoint Vicki Berg as Greg’s replacement.


Ms. Berg is co-chair of the Design Review Committee and has been a resident in our community since 2005. Ms. Berg will start her board duties on November 17, 2015. Until that time Director Middlebrook will still be an important member of the Board of Directors and continue serving the community.

*Note -- An interview with Vicki Berg will be in the December VIEW. To learn more about her, read the December VIEW.