VOTING: Measure #3

The Information Advisory Committee (IAC) is trying to get the word out for residents to vote on the CC&R’s and By-law changes.  As part of this commitment, we will be taking the measures and breaking them out one measure per day for the week!

Measure #3 is a vote to Prohibit Cumulative Voting for Board Member Elections.

History – Currently the governing documents direct the HOA allow Cumulative voting every other year in the election process when 3 Board Member positions are up for election.  Cumulative voting allows homeowners to place one, two or three votes for any one candidate, or two for one candidate and one for another candidate or one vote for three different candidates selected from the total number of candidates running.  When only two positions are up for election, individual voting is required.  In individual voting, you have up to two votes, per household and may not place more than one vote to any one candidate.  In Cumulative voting, you may place more than one vote to any one candidate.  This is the difference between the two voting methods.

If Measure #3 passes, (YES Vote) means that we would end Cumulative voting.

If Measure #3 fails, (NO Vote) means that the present Cumulative voting imposed by the governing documents would continue in effect. 

We ask every homeowner to send in your ballot today or better yet, drop it off in the ballot boxes located at either clubhouse!  The deadline to vote is December 12 at 10:00 am!