Was It in the Stars?

Written by Aggie Jordan

If you can answer this question, if you are a follower or simply a fan of astrology, I would really like your input. Normally I consider myself to be fairly lucky. Our daughter, Michelle, claims, “You are the luckiest person I know. You lose your phone and it’s returned to you. You lose good jewelry, often, and someone returns it to you. You lose a wallet and the money is still in it when you find it.” So I am grateful and believe that someone or some spirit is taking care of me, until recently.

June started as another month where we would all just continue our routine of being sheltered in place but with the hope that  our restaurants, our bars, and our non-essential shops would soon be opened and that opportunities to visit with family and friends could be initiated. Alas, it was not to be. I could bear  the news that it might be September before the virus would be  under control, or even perhaps January. So I know we will all cope.

Then the stars crossed, or the heavens opened up, and, not the rains, but bad luck just poured down. Was it karma? What had I done?

It began with the first week in June when I was attacked by a dog. What was it about me that the dog didn’t like? That was followed shortly  with a knee refusing to straighten which was followed by an orthopedic diagnosis that I needed a knee replacement. When could that be? Well, there was a back-up of surgeries from March, April, and May. I had a chipped femur and the bone was floating in the cavity of a recently repaired meniscus. The physician assistant asked, “Did you recently experience any trauma?” I explained the dog-attack. “That could be it. We have to watch that the bone chip doesn’t go back into that joint.” There appears to be a Bad Karma Spirit (BKS) here in the Coachella Valley.

During the toilet paper crisis in early April, I had ordered toilet paper on-line and, after eight weeks, it hadn't arrived. The vendor was in Hong Kong. I purchased through PayPal, the company that guarantees product delivery, and my inquiry to them got a response that they would investigate. Ten days later, they closed the case because the vendor said they delivered. Yes, they delivered but not my order of 18 mega rolls for $64.95. No, one three-inch roll with ¼ inch of paper arrived in a 5x7 envelope. When PayPal closes a case, they tell you it is final, there is no appeal. Will a letter to the CEO produce results? So far, not so much. So now, the BKS targeted me from Hong Kong!

Shortly after, water flooded our laundry room. Our clothes washer wasn’t draining. Well, it was draining but not where it should. We waited three weeks for the Samsung repairman to arrive from 100 miles away. There’s no Samsung or LG repair service within 100 miles of the Coachella Valley. The verdict when they arrived was, “We can fix it—but it won’t last. You need a new washer.” Is it possible that the BKS moved on to Samsung in South Korea?

Off we went to a number of the appliance sales stores looking for a reliable washer that had local service. We found at Lowe’s the best price for the Maytag recommended by Consumer Report—and they promised immediate delivery on Sunday, the following day. True to the promise, the delivery truck arrived. Truck doors opened but the delivery men looked confused. Our washer was not in that truck. Yes, it was on the manifest. No apologies were issued from the driver, just, “It’s not our fault. We only deliver. You’ll have to call the store delivery manager to see what happened”. And call I did. Finally after 45 minutes of waiting, a clerk tells me that she is not the delivery manager, but she knows what happened. The washer we purchased was damaged. “We have another one”, she claimed, “but it will have to be tomorrow before it can be delivered.” No persuasion would change that dictum. How did the delivery men get the manifest with our delivery on it—yet the washer was never put on their truck? I know BKS had to be messing with me.

Today is the end of June. If anyone can explain this BKS by explaining the stars, or any other explanation, I would be happy. And, if you can, please give me hope that my good karma will soon return.