What are the Responsibilities of our Security?

The company our Board contracts with for security in SCSH has multiple responsibilities.

1. They provide guest and vendor access oversight at the gates;

2.They assist homeowners with a plethora of tasks, both personal and security related -- including providing courtesy calls for garage doors left open, closing home windows in emergency situations, checking on homes where doors are left open, etc;

3. They respond to alarm activations to about 1,200 homes;

4. They are also tasked with enforcing all of the HOA rules and regulations and CC&Rs, which, by necessity includes traffic control.

5. Additionally they respond to irrigation issues, both residential and common area and any guest/vendor concerns.

With about 3,500 homes and around 7,000 residents these tasks can be somewhat daunting at times. There arethree patrol officers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to accomplish all of this.

Nonetheless, should a resident call in for an emergency that does not require a 911 response from a the police or medical service outside professionals, residents should be able to expect a response within 5 to 8 minutes or so, unless, of course security is dealing with another emergency at the time.
In order to insure the guards are held responsible to the above the following procedures are in place:


1. When a call comes into the gate the gate attendant writes down on his log the time, who called and the issue.


2. Patrol is notified of the call and the gate guard writes down the time he notified patrol and who was notified.


3. Patrol notes the time he/she received the call and the time he/she arrived on scene.

4. Finally, the time the call was concluded is noted.


A complete Incident Report is generated for the incident and on Dave Archer's (our head of security) desk by next business day.

Keep in mind these people are not police officers; they neither have the level of training nor the equipment a police officer has and is therefore limited in the method of his/her response.  Call 911 if you believe there is a dangerous situation requiring the police or a medical emergency.

Security persons are well trained within the scope of their respective duties which is to observe and report. Nevertheless, just as you would anywhere, homeowners should keep their own homes and property safe by following the safety tips provided here. We need all be vigilant since someone in our community called a news station this past week and that reporter showed all outsiders how to get into our community by climbing our exterior walls.

Our community monthly Security Reports are available to residents in Residents Only area of this website.