What If the Big One Hits?

Recently all households in Sun City Shadow Hills received a a critically important red and green laminated card. This card is an important piece of our community’s emergency preparedness initiative.

Here’s how it works:

In the event of an extreme event - such as “the big one” - a serious earthquake, residents are asked to place the card in a street facing window with the appropriate color facing the street.

Green Side - means you and your residence are OK and need no assistance.

Red Side - means that you or your residence needs some kind of help.

The Emergency Preparedness Sub-Committee, under the direction of Jeff Kirkpatrick, have put together a Windshield Survey Team whose mission is to cruise each of our 20 residential tracts,  report damage and call for help.

This program is brilliant in its simplicity. Keep this card where it is easily accessible and make sure you and your neighbors understand its role.

Take the next step. Plan to attend.

Disaster Preparedness 101
Wednesday, January 24, 2018
Montecito Capistrano Room

Registration is free. Register with our Lifestyles Concierge at the Lifestyles Desk.

Submitted by Kris Downey, IAC member