What’s Common Area and What’s Not?

We are an active and welcoming community. We welcome and encourage walking, jogging, biking and, of course, walking our four-legged, fuzzy friends. Just not on the Golf Course or its surrounding grass areas.

Recently use of the area along the intersection of Sun City Blvd and Avenida Sombra has come up for discussion. Initially, it was thought to be something that could potentially be negotiated among the interested parties.

However, it’s come to light that the *Grant Deeds define this area very clearly. The Grant Deeds state that areas along the Golf Course bordering streets ARE the Golf Course, up to the sidewalks or streets.

What does this mean?

It means what many thought was common area was actually Golf Course.

What about the dogs?

Dogs can be walked on streets, sidewalks, the North Channel and the 2 dog parks. Dogs can be walked on the sidewalk along the Golf Course, just not ON the Golf Course. This is no different than residents may walk dogs on the streets, but may not walk dogs on the private property that borders the streets. (Regardless of where you walk your dog, please pick up.)

New Signage

As residents we’re accustomed to the signs posted at the entrance to the Golf Course. “No walking, jogging, bicycling, or pet walking on the Golf Course.” We will soon see additional signs  added at key locations, including but not limited to Sun City Blvd. and Sombra.

Please be aware, this is not a new rule. We ask your understanding and support as we move forward in clarifying where the Golf Course ends and the common area begins.

*A Grant Deed is filed with the County Recorder and shows property designation, description and ownership. We all have recorded Grant Deeds for our homes showing the lot lines.

By Kris Downey
IAC Member