What’s Up with the ad hoc Facilities Committee this month?

Our Volunteers at SCSH never sleep! Here's a brief view of upcoming discussions with possible outcomes...

The pool proposal for the Santa Rosa facility, i.e., expanding the deck, moving the fence so as to enclose the dressing rooms and get rid of the necessity of using your card to get from the dressing room to the water, has been sent out for bid solicitation; these will be sent to the HOA Board for consideration. If approved by the Board, the project, depending on length of time needed, will be completed in either December or the summer of 2015.

The Committee is looking into padding the electrical boxes in the Pickleball and Tennis Courts; at the moment they present a hazard. The Facility Manager will be handling this. He is checking into having vinyl covers made for these boxes.

The Phase I and II Dog Park fence has come under review; Management will check on reports of large dogs actually uprooting and stretching the fences.

The Committee is accomplishing its mandate of staying in touch with residents questions regarding amenities and facilities of SCSH.