Who Is Responsible for Wall Maintenance When?

Owner Maintenance and Repair Responsibilities

In a recent question to Hot Topics a resident asked about the condition of community walls that are in “disrepair.”

Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions, at Section 7.06 Shared Owner Maintenance and Repair Responsibilities With Respect to Party Walls states in part:

(d) “…..shall be maintained as follows:

(i) the Owner of the adjacent Lot shall be responsible for maintenance of the interior surface of the perimeter wall in a clean and attractive appearance that is substantially the same as the wall’s original appearance; and

(ii) in all other respects, the perimeter wall shall be repaired maintained and replaced by the Association.”

An easy way to determine who maintains the wall is whoever maintains the landscaping adjacent to the wall is also responsible for maintaining the side of the wall to the top of the wall. Except when the damage is caused by member or family member or guest of that member, then the member is responsible for the entire wall.