Why Is Veri-cutting So Messy?

The machine doing the verti-cutting on our golf courses, runs at 15 mph.

The sweeper/vacuum runs at 5 mph and most of the time you have to vacuum multiple times.

If dust is a concern then the grass has be wet down before the grass is vacuumed.  This makes the grass heavier which then requires multiple passes -- instead of just one.

If wind becomes a factor then the vacuum process needs to stop altogether until the wind dies down. 

Doing all of this work stimulates Bermuda growth. For example in early July our courses had 65% Bermuda coverage, now we are getting close to 90% coverage.

In the week of August 18-25 --  we will start laying sod on those areas that did not get covered. By early September we will be close to 100% coverage!