Why was our website down this past weekend?

Over the past few weeks, you may have noticed that our community newspaper website has not been available intermittently.

We use a host provider to host our website -- as most news websites do. We share a server with other websites. It's not cost effective for our community to own our own server.

Sometimes, particularly during holiday periods, hackers from this country or others will try to hack into a data center and take it over. You may recall the time Target was hacked and the credit card data was stolen. Or the time Home Depot was hacked. We think we've all experiences the times we couldn't get into our bank accounts to check their status.

When a host provider sees that is it under attack from hackers, it will take the data center down until they have set up preventive measures to keep the center safe.

That is what happened with our community newspaper website over the weekend. As soon as the preventive measures are in place, the website will come back online.

This is just one of the curses of our digital age. It doesn't happen often, but it does happen.