Why You See Watering In Some Common Areas During the Day

Why do you see watering in some of our common areas and on the golf course during the day?

 There are 3 easy answers:

  1. The statewide regulation of no watering from 10:30AM to dusk applies only to residential properties that use “potable” (drinkable) water for their landscaping irrigation. This applies to all of our residences.
  2. Our golf courses and other common areas use non-potable, reclaimed or canal water for irrigation, and thus this regulation does not apply to these areas.
  3. In addition, if we were to try to accomplish all of our golf course and common area watering during the evening and early morning, there would not be sufficient water pressure in the system or time to accomplish it. The irrigation must be staggered over a wider period of time in order to accomplish the necessary irrigation.

For more information on this from our landscape contractor, Hort Tec, read their letter to our community, by clicking here

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