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How is your SCSH Monthly Maintenance Assessment Set?

Did you ever wonder how the 2014 Sun City Shadow Hills Monthly Maintenance Assessment was set at $217.00?Your maintenance assessment is set through a … [Read More ...]


Earthquake! Not Just the Title of a Hollywood Blockbuster!

For those of us who live in "Earthquake Country" it holds a definite fascination, not "If" but "when"There is, so far, no definite way of foretelling … [Read More ...]

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Exactly What Does A HOA Board Member Do?

Have you ever wondered what is it that our HOA Board members actually do for us -- what their  responsibilities are -- how much work they have to put … [Read More ...]

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Indio News


Indio City Council Candidate October Forum

The candidates for the Indio City Council will speak at a forum on October 21, 2014 -- 6:30-8:30PMWhere: Indio Peforming Arts Center              … [Read More...]

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City of Indio Accepting Applications for Investment Committee

The City of Indio is accepting applications for the Investment Committee to fill one position.Applicants must be a resident of the City of Indio.The … [Read More...]


Eisenhower Medical System reopens office/lab off Washington

According to a report from one of our residents, the Eisenhower Medical system has re-opened it office/lab that was just off Washington Street. If you … [Read More...]

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President’s Report

Stu Stryker

The Dark Side

Yes, there is a dark side that your Board members have to deal with. It’s called the “Covenants Committee.” (A covenant is an agreement, contract, or … [Read More...]

From the General Manager

Rich Smetana

Words from our Assistant General Manager, Rich Smetana

Fall is here, and it is time to welcome our seasonal residents back as well as cooler weather. This has been a very busy summer, and a lot of things … [Read More...]

SCSH Happenings

Meet a Board Member!

 The thing about these casual meetings with 2 of our Board members Greg Middlebrook and Joan Dzuro – is that you have a chance to sit down face to … [Read More...]


PAC Presents “Don’t Dress for Dinner”

The Performing Arts Club is presenting "Don't Dress for Dinner" -- don't delay -- get your tickets right away! … [Read More...]

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