Golf Cart Parking . . . Please Do Not Park like This!

This golf cart was seen parked in a clearly marked “NO PARKING ZONE” at the Shadows Restaurant.  A concerned homeowner sent us these photos, so we want to remind all cart drivers to abide by the rules of the road…No parking on Sidewalks and NO Parking in a NO Parking Zone.

When asked about this photo, Security Director, Mark Galvin responded, “the Yellow Flags are given to golfers, in order to let the Marshals on the golf courses know, the driver is handicapped.  They have NO bearing off of the golf course, therefore, there are no special accommodations regarding the yellow flags, once they leave the golf course.

We do ticket sidewalk parking wherever we see it and we will continue to do so.  If you see this type of parking, you should call Security and report it”, says Galvin.

3.26 (From the Rules and Regulations)

Vehicle and Golf Cart Parking in Association Parking Lots:

All vehicles shall be parked one (1) vehicle per marked space in all SCSHCA parking lots. However, golf carts measuring fifty inches or less in width shall park in such a manner as to accommodate two (2) carts in one parking space. Golf carts wider than fifty inches may park one (1) cart per parking space.

SCSHCA clubhouse parking lots have some parking spaces dedicated for golf carts. Only golf carts may park in spaces so designated.

This is a good reminder for all golf cart drivers to please abide by the rules of the road and keep SCSH safe!!!