Our Valuable Volunteers: Sheila “Sam” Clow

Sheila “Sam” Clow
Lifestyle Desk Volunteer

Sheila ‘Sam’ Clow has led an adventurous life with interesting careers. She’s worked as a Nurse, a Stewardess, a Lumber Buyer and now a Lifestyle Desk Volunteer.

Sheila grew up in Ontario, Canada and immigrated to the US in 1964. She met her husband on a Windjammer Cruise in 1966. Among other places, the couple spent four years living in Australia and three years living in New Zealand.

It was in Australia that Sheila became “Sam”. At the time, in Australia, the name Sheila had a less-than-favorable connotation. Her husband chose the nickname Sam. It stuck.

Sam moved to Sun City Shadow Hills a couple years ago. She chose Sun City to be near her daughter, Tracy, who lived in LA at the time. Tracy has since moved to Austin, Texas.

When Sam moved here she wanted to meet people and get to know how things worked in the community. Working as a volunteer at the Lifestyle Desk is the perfect place to do just that.

Thank you for volunteering Sam! It is people like you that help this community run smoothly. We appreciate your service to the Sun City Shadow Hills Community!