All Vendors Are Responsible for their Own Traffic Fines… Except…

At the board meeting on February 23, 2015 the HOA Board of Directors voted to hold single vendors, who are not in the Vendor Access Program, accountable for their own tickets.  
Currently if a vendor comes in to do a bid or one day job they do not qualify for the vendor access program so the resident is responsible for the actions of that vendor.   The Safety Committee looked at this issue and came up with a process where single vendors can be held responsible for their own fines of speeding or running stop signs.  If the one time vendor fails to pay the fine they will be barred from coming into the community until the fine is paid. 
Residents are still responsible for the actions of family and guests that visit them, per the CC&Rs and Rules and Regulations. 

And this does remove the responsibility from our residents for vendors who the gate does not know are vendors. If the vendor is not in the vendor access program, the resident must call the gate to let them know the single day vendor is coming. If the resident does not do this, but instead registers the vendor as a "guest" -- then the homeowner will be held responsible because security has no way of knowing they are not a guest. The gate needs to know which visitors are guests and which are vendors, so they can get the appropriate information from the vendor to hold them accountable for their own violations. Only residents can let them knoww

First posted February, 2015