April Update: Strategic Plan Info from Joan Dzuro

On Friday, April 24, our Community Strategic Plan Committee that I Chair, held the second in a series of study sessions.

We need to remain competitive as a community to ensure our property values remain high. With demographic changes in our population, our community will have changing needs. We will need to address the effects of the drought, and to look at our infrastructure to name a couple of issues. The Strategic Plan Committee is responsible for determining what we want and is best for our community in the next 3, 5 and even 10 years.

Many of the Advisory Committees have already begun to work on the strategic plan from their respective areas of expertise: Landscape is looking at our long term physical appearance; Golf is looking at the long term plans for the golf course; Information is looking at new ways of reaching all of our residents and Facilities is looking at our physical facilities.

We want as much resident input as we can get. Please submit any suggestions to president@scshca.com and attend the upcoming meeting.

The meeting was held Friday April 24 at 1 PM in the Montecito Clubhouse Ballroom.

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Joan Dzuro, Chair Strategic Plan Committee

Vice President, HOA Board