Burglary and Thefts in the Valley

In the last couple of weeks a number of communities have experienced several burglaries, vehicle thefts and other related property crimes here in the Coachella Valley. These facilities all have a well established security program but have, non-the-less experienced losses of some sort.

It can happen anywhere and any time. Most of the crimes happened in the evening hours but some were in the daytime with suspects posing as some sort of vendor.

There are a few things we can all do to help safeguard our homes and community here at Sun City Shadow Hills:

1. Make sure all doors, side doors, and garage doors are closed and locked.
2. Take ALL valuables out of your vehicle prior to locking it up and leaving it on the driveway overnight.
3. Do not leave house or vehicle keys in the vehicle, even if it is parked in the garage.
4. Report all, and I do mean all, suspicious persons/vehicles to security right away. We will check it out.
5. Don’t tell any of your vendors that you may be gone for any length of time. If you are gone have someone check on the residence regularly.
6. Get an alarm system
7. Have motion detection lights installed, especially if you border an outside wall.

Most crimes are crimes of opportunity. Take away the opportunity and you greatly reduce the likely hood of becoming a victim. Remember, you are the best security department in the community, you know who belongs and who does not. Take extreme ownership of the security of your family and residence.

David Archer
Community Safety Director
760-342-2850 ex 202