Change of Management Companies

Your HOA Board of Directors were notified this week that Associa is turning over the management of our community from Associa PCM to Associa DRM. This is allowable under their contract (see the section on assignability).

The board has been contacted by Mark Dodge, CEO of DRM, and he is creating a transition schedule that will be fully implemented by 3/1/17.

This transition should be seamless for the residents of our community. They are working on transferring account information over so that your payments continue to go through without a problem. Most of the changes will be with financial reports and processing which our new controller, Tyler Ingle and our Finance Advisory Committee along with our Treasurer, Carey Thompson will be watching and working on diligently.

DRM has over a 100 local HOAs that they manage and have an excellent reputation here in the Coachella Valley. Having a management firm located here in the Valley, versus Orange County, we believe will improve the response time.