Contact: Shirley Bunce
Phone: 760–345–8121
When: Third Sunday, 5 pm
Where: Montecito Capistrano Room

The Solos Club is designed to provide single residents an opportunity to make friends with other singles who have similar interests. If you like to eat out, go to concerts and plays, take tours and travel, then Solos is the club for you.

Our year runs from January 1 to December 31, with annual dues of $15. A flyer listing a sample of our activities can be found in the rounder at the Lifestyle desk. Membership forms are available at the Lifestyle desk. Completed forms, along with your check for $15 made out to “SCSH Solos,” can be placed in the Solos’ mailbox located in the hallway behind the library.

Monthly Solos Newsletters providing information regarding the events and details for the upcoming month are emailed or mailed to members.

Questions may be directed to Shirley Bunce at 760-345-8121.