Writers Club

Contact: Tony Davis
Phone: 760-775-9521
Email: When: Check the Club Events Calendar
Where: Santa Rosa Clubhouse

Every year millions of great stories disappear forever as people pass on. Everyone has a story to tell; wouldn’t you like to write yours now?

Many new members have never written before and now they have published their book. We will show you how to self-publish for no cost! All you pay for are the books you want to buy. It can be only one if that is all you need.

Try your hand at writing that story you have always wanted to tell. It does not matter if you are writing; fiction, non-fiction, memoirs, or screenplays, write a page a day for a year and you have a book!

Every member has the opportunity to read one or two pages (double spaced) of their work to the group; receive ideas, direction, and gentle criticism. Part of being in our club, is the encouragement we get from each other to write on a regular basis.

For more information contact Tony at 760-775-9521 or antiqphoto@gmail.com.