December Update on Common Area Landscaping Status and Plans

Sun City Shadow Hills
December Update on Common Area Landscaping Status and Plans
December 21, 2021

The major landscaping refurbishment planned for the fall season has been completed. Projects included cleanup and re-landscaping the planter beds at the Montecito swimming pool, removal of trees at the Montecito Clubhouse that had grown too large, planting of Golden Barrels, Artichoke Agaves, Russelia equisetiformis (Firecracker Plant or Coral Fountain), and Bougainvillea, as well as targeted removal of shrubs that had grown too large for their planting space, or become “woody” due to age. In particular, Desert Spoons and patches of Rosemary in the planters at the Santa Rosa Clubhouse were recently removed. Another project that was completed was the cleanup of the irrigation washout on Sun City Blvd at the Jefferson Street entrance. This work included compacting to stabilize the soil on the south slope and replacement of the groundcover rock. One of the two Washingtonia filifera (California Fan Palm) on the slope that were undermined by the washout was preserved by the soil backfilling and stabilization, as were to two fence pillars that were also undermined.

On-going maintenance activities include: debris and trash removal on Sun City Blvd from the recent “wind events;” light pruning of shrubs as needed; removal of dead shrubs; groundcover rock raking and refreshment; and capping of drippers not serving plants. As always, any pruning done during the cold months will be tempered by monitoring the air temperature so as not to increase the suitability of evergreens to frost damage.

Looking forward to spring planting, activities will include: plans for refurbishing the Jefferson gate and Sun City Blvd. median to the guardhouse; redesign of the north Avenue 40 gate fountain area; and completion of the plant replacement on the cart path between the HOA office and the Montecito Fitness Center.

As of December, the LAC is up to full strength with the addition of Phil Young as a new member.

Christopher Stevens, Chair
Landscape Advisory Committee