Desert Living Tip of the Month: BARK for Safety!

SCSH is a community that is very pet-friendly. We encourage play time and dog walking and suggest you read the rules and regulations pertaining to pets (section 2.20) and check out the dog parks and walking areas in our Community & Telephone Directory. Dogs love to ride in golf carts because they are surrounded by fresh air and enticing sights and smells. However, we highly recommend following these dog and golf cart safety tips to ensure the well-being of residents, drivers, and dogs.

Dog and Golf Cart Safety Tips:

  • Do not let your dog hop out of the vehicle with or without a leash.
  • If the dog jumps out, or if you let the dog run on a leash next to a moving cart, the leash can get tangled around the wheel, causing injury to your dog.
  • If your golf cart has seatbelts, find a harness that connects to the belt to keep your dog safely restrained.
  • If your golf cart does not have seatbelts, consider using a harness with a short leash attached to the seat to keep your dog safe in the cart.
  • You may want to upgrade the golf cart with one that has doors.

Even well-behaved dogs get excited while driving with you in a golf cart and may try to break free. So always be a thoughtful and caring pet owner and keep your furry friend and other residents safe by securing them in the cart. Remember that you are responsible for removing and properly disposing of your dog’s litter.