Desert Living Tip of the Month: Light Up the Desert Sky

With our extreme summer heat, we can still enjoy social gatherings in our backyards in the evening when the temperatures drop. String lighting is a great way to light up our desert sky for barbecues and night time swims. Many residents may be unaware of our community requirements for string lighting. Below are some tips to ensure your safety and string lighting enjoyment.

Approval Before Installation:

  • String Lighting requires prior written approval from the Design Review Committee.
  • String lighting on rear patios will be considered on a case-by-case basis by the DRC.

String Lighting Installation Requirements:

  • You can hang String Lighting only on rear patios.
  • You must install string lighting totally inside the structure’s covered patio.
  • You must attach the lights on the inside of the patio cover’s structure, so bare bulbs are not visible from neighboring properties, the street, common areas, or the golf course.
  • They must comply with 4.15.1 Exterior Lighting and may not exceed 450 Lumens total illumination for the entire backyard.
  • Must be outdoor approved lights only.
  • The only colors allowed are clear, white, or amber lights.
  • A maximum of 40 Bulbs is permitted, subject to the restriction of total illumination.
  • No lighting will be permitted, which causes glare to neighboring owners, neighborhoods, or any common area.

Once the DRC approves your string lighting and you have completed installation properly, it’s time to light up the desert sky and enjoy your evenings outside. Wishing everyone a starry, starry night!