Desert Living Tip of the Month: Pet Recovery

We adore our furry companions and take particular care to provide them with healthy foods, treats, and adorable toys. Most importantly, we strive to keep our Paw-tners safe in our homes, pet parks, and the community. Occasionally one of our cats or dogs go missing. Below is the proper procedure to follow if your beloved furry friend disappears.

Take Safety Precautions to Prevent or Aid in Pet Recovery:

  • Use a collar with proper identification tags that include current contact information;
  • Have your vet insert a microchip with an appropriate location range;
  • Employ humane leashes when walking your pet in the community;
  • Do not leave your pet unattended in communal areas, including pet parks;
  • We recommend not leaving your pet alone in your backyard due to possible incidents with coyotes, hawks, and owls.

If You Have Lost a Dog or Cat in SCSH:

  • Call both community gates. They have chip readers and will alert you if a resident brings your lost pet to the gate;
  • If your pet does not have a chip, security may advise the SCSH Pet Club president and one of the club’s Safe Houses;
  • The SCSH Pet Club maintains resident safe houses to provide temporary shelter for lost animals in our community for up to one week. Contact the President or VP of the Pet Club, contact info below, for a list of current safe houses;
  • Post a flyer for your lost pet on the HOA bulletin board;
  • Advise the HOA to post the flyer on the SCSH website under the “Classifieds” section;
  • Post a photo of your lost pet with your contact information on NextDoor and SCSH’s Facebook page;
  • Place flyers with the pet’s photo and your contact details at SCSH dog parks (it is not permissible to post these flyers at our community mailboxes).
  • Email this information to members of the SCSH Pet Club:

If You Find A Dog or Cat in SCSH:

  • If you see a loose dog in our community and it approaches you easily, you can attempt to take the dog to one of the gates. Security will check for a chip or ID tag and call the owner to reunite them;
  • If the loose dog or cat in SCSH is not approachable, take a photo with your cell and send it to security and a Pet Club officer;
  • The Pet Club will post the photo and information on NextDoor;
  • If necessary, the dog or cat will be placed at a SCSH Safe House;
  • If the Pet Club cannot find the owner, the dog or cat will be available for adoption by a resident or turned over to a reputable animal shelter;
  • SCSH Pet Club website:

Enjoy adorable photos of some of our community’s beloved furry friends on our website. We wish you a day filled with purrs, meows, joyful barks, and wagging tails!