Desert Living Tip of the Month: Safe & Secure, Mail & Packages Galore!

Ho, ho, ho, forget the chimney. Your snail mail and holiday packages will be delivered to the SCSH community mailboxes. The post office maintains these mailboxes and parcel lockers, will conduct necessary repairs, and will provide new keys if lost. The La Quinta Post Office is responsible for the parcel boxes. Please read the information regarding mail delivery, packages, and parcel lockers.

Snail Mail and Package Community Mailboxes:

  • The La Quinta Post Office is located at 79125 Corporate Center Drive, La Quinta, CA 92253; phone 760-771-2465; fax 760-771-2921.
  • Community mailboxes offer the greatest amount of fuel savings and carbon emission reductions because carriers can deliver mail to multiple customers during a single stop with less truck idle time.
  • SCSH maintains the mailbox stands and stucco columns.
  • The homeowner, whose property coincides next to the mailbox pads, maintains the surrounding landscape.
  • If you have difficulty with your mailbox key, SCSH will lubricate the keyholes as a courtesy.
  • The Postal Service is responsible for providing every customer with three keys to their mailbox. No key deposits are required, and you may duplicate keys at your expense.
  • The Postal Service keeps no duplicate keys; if you lose all the keys, the Postal Service will have to install a new lock and issue a new set of keys at your expense.
  • SCSH community mailbox units also contain a slot for “Outgoing Mail.” Mail is collected from this slot by the carrier during regular mail delivery.
  • Our community mail station has parcel lockers for items too large to fit in an individual mailbox.
  • A key will be left in your mailbox to open the parcel locker. This key has a tag that indicates the parcel locker that contains the item.