Easy Front Gate Access for Visitors and Guests

Check out DwellingLive to take charge of your guests’ gate access!

Have you utilized the dwellingLIVE  application on our Community Website?  What is that, you ask?  Using dwellingLIVE  will give you immediate access to the front gate so you can register a vendor or guest. You can send your guest an Epass which may be printed on paper or kept in a smart phone to show to the guard at the gate. The Epass enables quick gate registration by the guard and a much faster entry time. No more guessing if your company is here or not, you can also choose to receive notifications via text when your visitor or guest enters the property!

Using dwellingLIVE  allows you to enter visitors or guests as either temporary, one-time access or permanent access, which allows continual access to your property.  Once a guest is registered with the dwellingLIVE system, a permanent guest need only show the guard an expired guest pass and a new pass will be issued for an additional month of use, without the resident needing to do a thing!

It is also possible to register an entire party of guests through dwellingLIVE.

Now, the instructions you’ll need to get registered and begin using dwellingLIVE

  • Go to our community’s website: https://www.scshca.com and login to the resident site.
  • At the menu banner click on “Gate Access” and you will see the dwellingLIVE
  • If you are a first-time user you will need to follow the directions to receive a one-time registration code from the Director of Safety.
  • Once you have received the one-time code, you are ready to enter the login at the dwellingLIVE
  • At the dwellingLIVE login page select your registration code “I have a one-time use Registration Code” and proceed.

Be sure to check out dwellingLIVE  and the useful tutorial for ease of visitor and guest access to our community of Sun City Shadow Hills!