February Update on Common Area Landscaping Status and Plans

Sun City Shadow Hills
February Update on Common Area Landscaping Status and Plans
February 21, 2022

With the return of warming weather, the landscaping activities are focused on plant and tree replacements identified over the December-January period. Activities in the Santa Rosa Clubhouse parking lot, include the removal of two large Mesquite trees that are interfering with the light poles, planting of the areas where overgrown Rosemary has been removed and removal of two Palo Verde trees in the parking lot islands and replacement with Rosewood trees to match the other trees in the parking lot islands.

At the Montecito Clubhouse and Fitness Center, removal of aging citrus trees that are encroaching on Palms adjacent to the buildings is underway. Groundcover rock refreshment is proceeding at both the Montecito and Santa Rosa areas.

At the Santa Rosa pool, the Desert Willows will be removed and replaced with Tacoma Stans (Yellow Bells) and groundcover rock. Between the Cart Barn and the west pool fence, the aging Sweet Acacia trees have been removed and the planter area will be re-landscaped using shrubs, boulders and groundcover rock.

For summer color planting, the order has been placed for a combination of Rudbekia Indian Summer (Gloriosa Daisy), Vinca Punch, Vinca White, Vinca Cranberry, Salvia Victoria Blue, Zinnia Orange and Zinnia Yellow.

In the North Channel, construction activities have begun with the installation of the construction area perimeter fence and removal of concrete, benches, trees, shrubs and grasses. Pond 1 will be drained to dry out the area before starting the excavation for the new pond and the associated overflow protection walls. CVWD has engaged the assistance of their Biologist for advice on trapping the fish and turtles in the pond. The fish and turtles will be relocated to Pond 3.

Christopher Stevens, Chair
Landscape Advisory Committee