From the General Manager – July 2017

Covenants Violations

Sun City Shadow Hills has a three-letter procedure for issuing Covenant violations:

  • Courtesy Letter
  • Hearing Letter
  • Ruling Letter

“I forgot to trim my palm trees ONE time and the HOA sent me a fine.” I know you have heard this story or some version of it, from an unhappy neighbor. However, this is not the case, our compliance team makes weekly rounds in the community, if they see something that may be a Covenant violation they take a photo.

Upon their return to the office they research to see if the item had been previously notated or if an exterior change has an approved Homeowner Improvement Application (HIA).

If a Covenant violation does exist, then the first letter you will receive is the Courtesy letter; the Courtesy letter’s purpose is to inform you the compliance team has witnessed a violation offense, to give you the opportunity to rectify the problem, and to educate you on the Covenants. If you do not know how to rectify the violation or believe it was a mistake, call the HOA office as soon as possible so that we may be able to assist you.

If our compliance team sees the same violation again after 30 days, they take another photo and issue a Hearing letter, inviting you to discuss the violation with the Board of Directors at their next Covenants Committee meeting. A few days before this meeting our compliance team will go out and re-inspect all the violations that have been called to a hearing to verify the violation still exists. In the Covenants meeting the Board will discuss the violation and if you are present give you an opportunity to inform the Board why you are violating the Covenants.

After your hearing the Board of Directors will deliberate and issue a ruling on your violation. Within 14 days of the hearing you will receive the Ruling letter informing you of the Board’s decision on your violation.

The governing documents give the Board many ruling options, some are: the Board can vote to close the matter because they feel the violation no longer exists; they can issue additional time to rectify the violation; or they can issue a one time or weekly fine to the homeowner until the violation is rectified, amount of the fine varies depending on the violation.

Ceasar Larrach
General Manager