From the General Manager – March 2018

The Role of Volunteers

Volunteers are the lifeblood of the Sun City Shadow Hills Community Association. Without volunteers, the Homeowners Association would not be able to function. At times, being a volunteer is a thankless duty – but it is a necessary one for the good of all the residents and homeowners. Yes, I call it a duty for every homeowner to serve and contribute for the good of Sun City Shadow Hills. Two of the commitments in the Committee Member Code of Conduct for all committee volunteers are to accept and embrace the following:

  • “Strive at all times to serve the best interests of the Association as a whole, regardless of their personal interests.”
  • “Use sound judgment to make the best possible business decisions for the Association, taking into consideration all available information, circumstances, and resources.”

These commitments can at times be a difficult task and should not be taken lightly. A volunteer may have conflict within that could make the volunteer feel like he or she is being pulled by a tight rope in two directions. We can have this feeling through life and, at times, it is an internal struggle. What to do? The volunteer must follow the commitments above and make the best decision, with the best information available at the time, for the good of the entire community and not just one’s self or a group. That is all we ask of volunteers, to do what they think best at the time for the majority of homeowners in the community.

Committees serve three purposes. First, they assist the Board in meeting its responsibilities by gathering information and making recommendations. Second, they broaden the community’s input on decisions by serving as a means of gathering residents’ opinions and attitudes. Finally, committees serve as a good source for future Board members.

With the change of the Board there is no better time than now to volunteer your time and effort to serve your community on one of our committees. Many volunteers with different skills are needed. You may have skills from your work, hobby, or life experience that can be beneficial to a committee.

If you cannot serve, then please thank those who volunteer their time and energy to serve on a committee for the betterment of all that call Sun City Shadow Hills their home. Volunteers make the community a better place to live and to enjoy life. Do your part in helping your neighbors and volunteer for a committee.

The following is a list of committees at Sun City Shadow Hills.

  • Communication Advisory Committee (CAC) (The View)
  • Design Advisory Committee (DRC)
  • Facilities Service Advisory Committee (FSAC)
  • Interior Design Sub Committee (IDSC)
  • Finance Advisory Committee (FAC)
  • Reserve/Replacement Fund Sub Committee
  • Food & Beverage Advisory Committee
  • Golf Advisory Committee (GAC)
  • Information Advisory Committee (IAC) (the website)
  • Landscape Advisory Committee (LAC) (Common area, not golf course)
  • Safety Advisory Committee (SAC)
  • Emergency Preparedness Sub Committee (EPSC)
  • Library Committee
  • Also, Lifestyle desk volunteer

To volunteer or obtain additional information regarding these committees, please fill out an Advisory Committee Interest Form, available at the HOA office or on the website online (