“Hey, Close the Door! You Weren’t Born in a Barn, Were You?”

This is what my father used to say every time my siblings and I would leave the door open! Here at Sun City Shadow Hills we have an ongoing problem with residents leaving their GARAGE DOORS open overnight!

This is against our CC&R’s, but more importantly, it’s unsafe for you and your property! Talk about a crime of opportunity; leaving your garage door open gives opportunistic thieves access to your belongings, your vehicles and YOU!

I am proposing a very NEIGHBORLY solution to this problem.

STEP 1: Make sure your neighbors to your right, to your left and across the street, have your telephone number and make sure you have theirs.

STEP 2: Have a conversation with your neighbors and promise them that IF you see their garage door open, unusually long, or late at night you will CALL THEM and alert them of the issue. Ask them to make the same promise to you.

This will also work with Trash Cans left out too late, side gates open or ANYTHING else that appears out of order with your neighbor’s property!!!

Most importantly, add “checking your garage door” to your evening routine before turning in for the night. These small and simple steps will ensure your personal safety!