HOA Board Message: Attention Homeowners Regarding Vendor Access

Good morning residents:

Sun City Shadow Hills has Rules & Regulations for Contractors and Vendors respecting their responsibility while entering and working within our community. All Contractors and Vendors are extended permission to enter the community through the staffed gates at Jefferson and 40th Avenue to render their services to homeowners up to five times per month. If their business requires entry over 5 times per month, or for convenience, they desire entry at gates other than the staffed gates they may apply and pay reasonable fees for a Contractor/Vendor entry permit with an associated commercial use transponder.

One Contractor, Intercity Plumbing has refused to comply with our Contractor Vendor Rules and Regulations and refused to apply and pay for a Contractor/Vendor entry permit.  As a result, and unfortunately, on several occasions, Security has denied entry to our community to this contractor. Further there have been documented instances where the contractor or its employees after being denied entry have disputed the denial of entry with Security Staff and later been observed and filmed either entering or attempting to enter our community by tailgating other vehicles entering our community at unmanned gates causing damage to HOA property. As with any other non-permitted vehicle on our property, if observed by Security within the community this contractor is being requested to leave and if necessary Indio Police will be contacted to insure compliance.

Your HOA is alerting you to this situation primarily for two reasons: First, if you choose to utilize this contractor, your service may be delayed or not happen because regular entry is being denied, and secondly to remind you if you choose to list this contractor as a guest, pursuant to the Association’s Rules and Regulations you will be responsible for any citations and fines issued to or damage caused by this contractor to Association property. If you have a homeowner warranty insurance policy covering certain appliances and facilities in your residence and you call your provider, they often designate a repair person and may not be aware if any particular contractor is being denied regular entry to our HOA.  Should your insurer designate Intercity Plumbing, you have the right under most such policies to request your insurer to designate another contractor should you wish to avoid any potential delay or interruption in obtaining necessary repairs or responsibility for any rules violations by the contractor.

This letter is not commenting on the quality of service provided by Intercity Plumbing. However, the Association is merely trying to enforce the rules on a uniform basis.

Thank you,
SCSH HOA Board of Directors