Indio General Plan Update – Draft Climate Action Plan

As you all know, the City of Indio is currently in the process of updating its General Plan. We are pleased to announce that an Admin Draft of the Indio Climate Action Plan (CAP) is available for review and download at the following website:

The Draft Climate Action Plan document is available to view here.

The Indio Climate Action Plan (CAP) is a roadmap for how the City will reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  This CAP quantifies greenhouse gas emissions from the Indio 2040 General Plan, describes the scientific and regulatory context, analyzes strategies and actions within the General Plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and specifies a group of measures to achieve the greenhouse gas targets established by the plan. These measures support a healthy and vibrant community.

Please submit your written comments to Leila Namvar, Senior Planner, at with “Indio Draft CAP” as the subject.