Let’s Clean House Week 3

Day 11 – Move furniture and then dust and/or vacuum floor and dust baseboards.

  • Do the same for closet floors. Dust furniture, polish or oil furniture.


Day 12 – Flip or turnover your mattress.

  • Wash all the bedding & remake the bed
  • Then sit down on the bed with a glass of Bailey’s to enjoy your beautiful, clean bedroom
  • Repeat, if necessary, in 3 bedroom


Day 13 – A Sparkling Clean Bathroom

  • Empty & clean out cabinets and medicine cabinet
  • Throw out old or unused make-up.
  • Throw out old prescriptions and over the counter drugs.
  • Clean showers shower doors & sinks & countertops.
  • Put on your sunglasses and look at your shiny doors!
  • Now it is time for the dreaded toilet.
  • Clean outlets, artwork. switch plates, doors, baseboards and molding. Polish mirrors.
  • Wash area rugs, decorative towels and bath towels.
  • Dust baseboards and wash the floor


Day 14 – Repeat in second bathroom

  • If necessary, repeat in third bathroom


Day 15 - Great Room, Hallways, & Dining Room

  • Clean and organize drawers & shelves.
  • Wash windows and clean window treatments.
  • Dust all artwork, décor items, ceiling fans, lamps, photos, ceiling fans, & polish the furniture.
  • Move your furniture, dust the baseboards and vacuum carpet or clean tile or wood floor.
  • Sit down on your sofa or most comfortable chair with a glass a wine and admire your work.