Let’s Not Roll Out the Red Carpet

A red carpet is an open invitation. Come on in. Check it out. Generally a red carpet invitation is intentional. It’s something to be savored, something to be enjoyed.

That’s not always the case. In some cases a red carpet invitation is unintentional. For example an open garage door can be a red carpet invitation to a crime of opportunity. Passing by an open garage full of goodies can present an opportunity that - for some - is just too tempting to resist.

The same is true for an unlocked service door or an unlocked car parked in the driveway. It’s just too easy for some people to pass up.

Why open yourself up to an (often) unplanned crime of opportunity?

  • Keep garage doors closed, or open 1-2 feet to let heat escape.
  • Keep service doors locked at all times.
  • Cars parked in driveway should be locked with windows up.
  • Be a good neighbor - check if you notice their garage door open.

Let’s not unintentionally roll out the red carpet.

By the Information Advisory Committee