May Report from Joan Dzuro, HOA President

It is hard to believe, but we are coming to the end of another season here in the Coachella Valley. Some of our seasonal residents have already headed back to their other residences. We wish you safe travels, we miss all of you, and we look forward to seeing you again soon.

For those who are year-round residents, we hope you enjoy the short trips that most of us take now and then to get a break from the heat.

A few things to keep in mind:
1. Please be careful to secure your home while you are gone for any length of time to avoid indicating your home is not occupied: stop your newspapers and mail, and ask a neighbor to watch for packages that might be delivered. Don’t notify your vendors you will be gone – but please do tell our Community Safety Director, Dave Archer ( Security cannot provide a house watch service but, as they patrol, they can watch for signs of suspicious activity. Please be sure that your contact number is up to date at the HOA office in case we need to call you regarding irrigation or other pressing issues.

2. Although our seasonal residents are gone, 60 percent of us live here year-round (over 3,500 people) and all of us will be using our facilities,
especially during the early morning and evening hours. So please use caution when driving, biking, and walking to remain safe.

3. Our Food and Beverage Department will be reducing its summer operations. Please check our website ( or the View for specific
hours and continue to support our F&B outlets.

4. The Board will continue to work on our goals for this year:
a. Reducing the subsidy to our F&B operation.
b. Answering all your financial questions. Our Treasurer, Carey Thompson, will ensure the replies are posted on our website for everyone to read.
c. Developing a golf master plan – starting with the bunkers on the South Course.
d. Beefing up our emergency preparedness plan so residents know how to take care of themselves for a couple of weeks.
e. Continuing our “Meet a Board Member” sessions – Board members will take turns to join me.
f. Being prepared when Pulte leaves and we are 100 percent on our own.
g. Reviewing all our governing documents and updating them.
h. Continuing to tweak the Vendor Access program to keep it working for all residents.
i. Reviewing our strategic plan, determining what needs to be addressed in 2017, and researching costs for the budgeting process that will occur in September.

As you can see, we have a full slate; but we are all eager to work on these issues to continue to improve our community.

Whether you are here or away this summer, we hope you will stay in touch with us by checking our website regularly or using our mobile device app on your phone or tablet. And don't forget to subscribe to our new Sun City Shadow Hills Podcasts! Links to the mobile apps and the Podcasts can be found on the homepage of the community news website.

Your comments and questions are always welcome. You can send them to the Board through “Ask a Question” on our website, by emailing “Hot Topics,” or by emailing our General Manager and/or the Board directly.

I hope to see you all at the eighth annual Memorial Day ceremony that our Veteran’s Club is again organizing.