Meet Your Neighbor: Bob Bailey

“Live your life because tomorrow is a rumor” -- and that’s how Bob Bailey lives his life. He is known as the 10-Million-Dollar Man given his triple heart bypass, six heart attacks, 13 stints, a pacemaker, type 1 diabetes for 68 years, and only one eye for 13 years! And he just keeps on going. On a typical day, Bob wakes up at 3:00 a.m. to watch the stock market open, with his cat Dolly on his lap.

Bob grew up in New Jersey and worked on Wall Street for 32 years where he met Nancy, his wife of 26 years. They have a son, a grandson and three great- grandchildren. They moved to Sun City Shadow Hills, Phase 3, eleven years ago from San Marcos, California.

Bob loves “the people” in SCSH who are so active and enjoying retired life. He plays golf when his health permits and is a member of the Men’s Golf Club. He is also passionate about cars. He has owned 147 cars over the years including his favorite, a 1980 Rolls Royce. Bob plays Poker three times a week and also enjoys Hand & Knee. He has a great sense of humor and loves to tell jokes. If you asked Nancy, she would say “some jokes are funny”!

He ended our interview with, “If my life was a baseball game, I’m playing the 18th inning”.

Written by Barb Thomas, Information Advisory Committee