Meet Your Neighbor: Jerry Irwin

By George Stephens
Information Advisory Committe (IAC) Member

The best way to lower your handicap is to go on a golf outing with the Men’s Golf Club to Arizona for a quick three day- three golf course outing, organized by SCSH resident, Jerry Irwin. Golf courses, tee times, match lineups, hotel and dinner reservations all organized for a very reasonable price. You also hear some good jokes from Jerry (“the reason you shanked that shot Ed, ...There’s a piece of excrement at the end of your club!”)

Jerry and his wife Barbara have lived in Shadow Hills full-time for 10 years. While Barbara plays tennis, scrabble and line dances, Jerry is on the golf course making humorous comments and in general having a great time.

A little more concerning Jerry. Jerry was raised in Brooklyn, New York and as a kid he was so tall and skinny his nickname was “Bones”. He reports that his family was in the iron and steel business; he remembers his mother would iron and his father would steal! Never a dull moment while Jerry’s around!

He lived and worked in New Jersey as an accountant, later as a financial advisor for Smith Barney which explains why he is such an enthusiastic New Jersey Devils hockey fan. He loves hockey and he knows almost all of hockey history and players. Jerry has attended 3 Stanley Cup games. He loves to travel and he attends the NHL hockey draft each year no matter where it is held. He is an accomplished roller-skater and Wednesday evenings he will drive to Chino or Murrieta to skate. He and Barbara live in California because his favorite roller rink in New York closed! Why? That’s another story.

He picked Sun City Shadow Hills for its proximity to Los Angeles and his grandchildren. Shadow Hills amenities, value, and year-round golfing were the clinchers. He and Barbara love to travel and they’re always planning the next trip. Jerry started the SCSH Travel Club and was the President seven of nine years. He attends many of the Lifestyle events such as hockey and baseball games.

He’s a member of the Men’s Golf Club and has been its Treasurer for four of the past six years. He is full of stories and loves telling jokes, but he’s best known for his perfect timing telling jokes or pulling pranks.

Jerry is one of our residents, like so many others, who exemplifies the “can do attitude”. He volunteers his time to improve our living experience here at Sun City Shadow Hills. His sense of humor lightens the meeting or the day.

P.S. Ed picked up his club and looked at the head and said “there is no excrement on the end of my club! “To which Jerry replied “The other end of the club Ed, the other end!"

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