Meet Your Neighbor: Marty Martin

By George Stephens, IAC Member

In our small city we call Shadow Hills we have 6000 souls, or thereabouts. All are interesting in their own way. Many of our neighbors have had successful careers and are now retired. They selected Shadow Hills over thousands of other communities. One of these souls is my friend Marty Martin. Here’s his abbreviated story:

We’ve all heard that you should warm up adequately before doing any exercise. But there are some of us in Shadow Hills who don’t subscribe to this theory. One person who does not is 80-year-old Navy Veteran, Marty Martin. Most club members arrive at the golf course 30 to 60 minutes early to hit golf balls to warm up. Marty doesn’t do this. From his perch above the driving range near the pro shop snack bar he looks out over the guys lined up 25 abreast and chuckles to himself, “I’m not going out there and using up any extra energy.”

Marty is a member of the Men’s Golf Club and his idea of warming up to play golf is to consume two cups of hot coffee before he goes to the first tee to hit his first golf ball.

Marty carries an 18 handicap and has braces on both knees restricting his ability to move. To describe his swing would not be a challenge since there’s not much to it. Just bring the club back about waist high and give it all you’ve got! Marty isn’t very far off the tee, but he is straight every time. While some members are hitting their balls left and right, and in some cases hitting them over 250 yards, Marty consistently goes straight down the middle of the fairway 140 to 150 yards! When you get to the green, Marty is there waiting for you!

Of course, playing with Marty can be very irritating because he’s on the green putting for a par or bogey and you’re hoping to get a double bogey! Proving the old adage: Drive for show, putt for dough!

Marty and his wife Jan of 59 years, love it here at Sun City Shadow Hills. They came here from Arrowhead Country Club across the mountains from San Bernardino. Marty was in the construction business during his career and built school district buildings around San Bernardino.

Marty is one of approximately 400 veterans that live in Shadow Hills. His Navy career consisted of aviation support. He met his wife Jan in Hawaii at a party celebrating it’s statehood on August 21, 1959. I wish I had such an easy way to remember our anniversary.

Marty is a fervent supporter of all that is Shadow Hills. An HOA Board candidate mentioned that Marty was behind every door that was opened during the campaign, including all the HOA Board meetings, the Veterans Club meeting, and the Political Action Committees, (including the Design Advisory Committee, Golf Advisory Committee, and the Finance Advisory Committee). He has also been the Men’s Golf President, Bridge Club President (Life Master) and he has been active in the RV Club. Marty and Jan are prime examples of the quality of people that we have living in Shadow Hills, who make living here so enjoyable.

We are not a great community because of who we are or what we have done. We are great because of the unselfishness of our neighbors who serve to make Shadow Hills better. Marty falls in this category.

If you are enjoying a cup of coffee with Marty remember this: he may be warming up to play golf!