Message from IPD

Good Afternoon Neighbors,

We just wanted to share with everyone some information about your police department’s Nextdoor account. As an public service agency account we cannot see the individual discussions that occur within each neighborhood. We can only view messages or replies that are sent directly to the Indio Police Department and Chief Mike Washburn’s accounts.

That said we encourage everyone to contact the Indio Police Department when they see or know of any suspicious activity in their neighborhood. We are also encouraging all our neighbors to make sure their homes and vehicles are as secure as possible every night. We have started the 9PM Routine and send out occasional reminds to do the following at 9:00 pm EVERY night:

1. Remove all valuables from your vehicle.
2. Lock and secure your vehicles.
3. Lock and secure you house and garage.
4. Turn on your outside lights.
5. Report any suspicious activity!

You can be assured that your police officers are doing everything in their power to make Indio as safe as it can be! Working together we can have a significant impact on these preventable crimes of opportunity.

Have a Great Evening,
Sergeant Daniel Marshall