Montecito Outdoor Pool and Spa Deck Remediation

In late 2017, a 25-sq. ft. section of the epoxy coating near the spa was exhibiting numerous changes in color, texture, blistering and delaminating from the primary concrete decking. A temporary repair around the spa decking was made while SCSH did an investigation for a long term solution. A professional flooring consultant, R. Godfrey Consulting, was hired to inspect the condition to determine how the problematic conditions can be remedied. This is same consultant SCSH hired to oversee the Santa Rosa Pool and Spa deck remediation project. In March, 2018, R. Godfrey Consultant performed a site evaluation for the Montecito Pool/Spa deck and has provided the scope of work and recommendations regarding the methods required for the remediation of the epoxy decking. SCSH Staff and the Facilities and Services Advisory Committee have reviewed the consultant’s report and are currently obtaining proposals for the restoration of the entire pool and spa epoxy coating decking. This project is scheduled for Fall of 2018. If necessary, additional temporary repairs will be completed while proposals are reviewed and a contractor is selected to complete the restoration project.