News from the President’s Desk…

  1. The Montecito Clubhouse Fitness equipment has been replaced and the Fitness Center is now open for business. Stop by the fitness desk to sign-up for an orientation to learn how the new equipment works.
  2. There is an open Board meeting this Thursday, 5/31/18 at 9:00 AM, in the Front half of Ballroom, to discuss:
    1. Rule changes for Covenants Committee.
    2. Rule changes for FAC committee regarding number of members of the committee.
    3. Covenants Committee Charter approval.
    4. Presentation of the new website.
  3. Ceasar Larrach update: Larrach was ordered to pay restitution of $125,000 to our HOA by June 7.  Click on "Residents Only" above for more information.
  4. The Tennis Courts at the Montecito Clubhouses have completed repainting of all poles and fences and the installation of new windscreens.
  5. The Santa Rosa Fitness Center new carpet replacement bids going to Board next month for approval.