Phase 3 Fire Sprinkler Replacement Program

Dear Phase 3 Homeowner,

When your home was constructed by Pulte, California law required the installation of a fire sprinkler system to protect against serious injury or death in the event of a fire.  The fire sprinkler system in your home includes Viking VK457 residential concealed fire sprinklers.

Unfortunately, some VK457 fire sprinklers have activated without fire being present, causing water damage to homes and furnishings.  Although the cause of the activations has not been determined in any court and remains in dispute, The Viking Corporation has agreed to replace the VK457 concealed sprinklers in your home at no cost to you.  At no time will anyone attempt to sell you any additional services - this is strictly a program enacted to mitigate any possible future issues with your fire sprinkler system.

To get your fire sprinkler replacement scheduled, please contact us via our website at, or contact one of our Replacement Coordinators at 800-915-6472.  Our coordinators will assist you in scheduling the replacement of your fire sprinklers and will be able to answer any questions you might have regarding the replacement.

Should you have any concerns over the validity of the program, please email Pulte customer service at

Fire Sprinkler Systems, Inc.